SX21 Entry

Sailextreme 2021


Due to corona some changes have been made to the maximum amount of sailing classes in Sail Extreme 2021!

Entry shall be done at ⇒ Sailextreme Manage2sail where you find a list of all classes represented in Sailextreme 2021.

You access the entry form by selecting  “Register for this class” or “Register for this event” in the list with all classes and competitions.

After registration you login and change your data or pay the fee at  ⇒ Manage2Sail Login

For M2S registred sailors, entry to Sailextreme can also be done by selecting Sailextreme 2019 after login at ⇒ Manage2Sail

For sailors without a Manage2Sail account, a account can be created at ⇒ Manage2Sail

Please remember that registration for a class (entry) requires, that you has signed-up as M2S user. How to do that is described in the MS entry-process below.

Overview of the entry process and M2S system → M2S entry

If you have any problems please contact Race Committee by mail.

Notice of Race and invitation can be downloaded or read from ⇒  Manage2sail.

When published at regattastart, Sailing Instructions can be downloaded or read from ⇒ Manage2sail.

Please remember also to enter (registrate) the team/coach boat or RIB’s .

Camping should be ordered et entry-time.