Manage2sail entry

The system for administration of a regatta have three actors, working together in a simple 1-2-3 guide

1. Organizer

Typical a identified (login) sailing club, who create the event and make it accessible for participants and followers.

This is a specialized and skilled activity without general public interest. The organizer will specify fee, extra services, documents, schedule, results and everything used to manage a regatta for organizer and sailors.

2. Participant

Typical a identified (login) boat owner, who enters the regatta by completing entry information about boat and crew based upon the participant profile.

This is a common public activity, in general the same as in every regatta entry system, but you have to be logged in and have a created profile used for all other regatta entries. So it diverges from other common entries, which is handled by anonymous sailors who just fill in a form. 

3. Follower

Typical a unidentified (no-login) spectator, the press or any reader.

They can find information about organizing club, participants, time schedule, results, protests, bulletin board. All information is show on a real-time basis, accessible by followers as soon as the organizer or participant has entered the information. There is search possibilities to find regattas and boat types and class information.

There is national translations and using the national version means, that national regattas is shown. The system is used international and regattas from many countries is shown in a similar manner, making it easier for the spectator.

Participant Sailor Registration Process

It is required that you sign-up for system and define your profile as show in this 1-2 guide

1. Registration

Link to ⇒ M2S registration page

You have to select registration as sailor and then create a account Identified by mailadress and a password defined by yourself

2. Profile

The email address will be verified by sending a confirm mail, and a notice telling you to check inbox. After confim you can supply your profile with personal and sailing related data. This data will be used when you login and register for entry at a regatta or other events managed by M2S

Participant Regatta entry registration

When you have joined the system and have a profile and a login, you can register to a regatta after having logged in as shown in this 1-2-3 guide. If you try to register to a regatta you will be asked to log in.

1. Select Regatta

Use the event search mecanism at ⇒ search event and the wanted regatta if you dont have a direct link from the organizer to the overview of classes in thet regatta, as for example ⇒ Sailextreme 2018 .

Select the yellow button which says Register for this class

2. Register entry

This is the start of the entry registration proces. First you will be asked to accept the conditions, and after that the registration goes step by step, with entering data. You may find some of the optional information without relevance and just bypass them or entter some dummy information. Required data is marked. Notice that you can create your own registry of crew-menbers, by adding a person and then select crew from that list, with all crew data used in the next regatta you enter in this system.

3. Payment and updates

After entering data for boat and crew, you will have the option of selecting merchandise and other offers from the organizer. Very often you find ordering of meals, breakfast, regatta or prizegiving dinner, camping and that sort of practical add.on.

After going thru the entry data registration, the proces will end with a selection of payment method among the options offered from this organizer. Please notice that NETS is the danish compagny offering online payment by creditcard. Sometimes payment is required at the time of entry registration, sometimes you can do it later after by logging in and selecting order-pay. After entry registration most informations can be modified, but some restriction may occur. It is also possible to cancel a entry registration, and you will always see a list of your registrations and regatta when you log in.

Watch at Youtube instruction video about ⇒ registration seen from a sailors view.