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Sailextreme 2016

This page contains a information copy of racing messages at bulletin board, followed by information from the Jury.

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Sailextreme is rated as Rangliste Event in the danish Torm Grand Prix and in the German Optimist rangliste series too. see DODV

It has been a German Rangliste event for nearly 25 years and has therefor a long tradition for at great number of participant from Germany and other countries, not only Optimist, but also Contender and other classes.




Sailextreme16 tidsplan/schedule

Posted on13 maj 2016
  Tidsplan: SailExtreme program 2016 Fredag den 13. maj Kl. 15.00 Servicebureau åbner for registrering Kl. 20.00 Stævneåbning Kl. 22.00 Servicebureau lukker for registrering Lørdag den 14. maj Kl. 08.00 Servicebureau åbner for registrering Kl. 08.30 Slæbestedet åbnes for joller Kl. 11.00 Start for Bane A,B,D,E . Kl. 10.00 Skippermøde...
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