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About BBC

On 27-28 May 2012 (the Whitsun break in Denmark), the Kerteminde Sailing Club will be repeating previous years’ successes with the Big Boat Challenge event.

The Big Boat Challenge concept

The Big Boat Challenge (BBC) is an invitation-only international event for larger keel boats from Denmark and nearby countries, organised by Kerteminde Sailing Club and held on the waters of Kerteminde Bay. The regatta took place for the first time in Whitsun 2009, with 36 boats taking part.

We will be repeating the 2009, 2010 and 2011 successes on 27 - 28 May 2012. Also this year, about half of the invitations will go to boats from Norway, Sweden and Germany. Our target group is boats in the 35–70-foot range, with crews numbering 8–18. All those we invite are boats with good results in the biggest sailing events in Denmark and abroad.

We have limited the fleet to approx. 50 boats. The race committee will begin by sending out invitations to 40–45 boats, and the remaining slots will be wild card invitations. We will make every effort to coordinate numbers to make sure there will be 50 boats at the starting line.

The way the 2009, 2010 and 2011 events were held set a new standard for sailing events in Denmark, and were a huge success for those taking part as well as for the event’s sponsors. It was a breakthrough format that has attracted international interest and attention.

In 2012, the Big Boat Challenge event will be held side by side with Sail Extreme (, Scandinavia’s largest dinghy event for youngsters and also organised by Kerteminde Sailing Club. We look forward to seeing so many boats, with crews of all ages, on the water in one of Denmark’s best venues for competitive sailing.

Why do we do it? Who benefits?

The basic difference between one regatta or race and another lies not in the racing, but in the time spent ashore. This is where the ”wow” factor kicks in, this is where good organisation and good facilities are noticed and appreciated. This is where people get together and network, tell stories and have fun – as well as getting boat stuff done. It all has to blend in together into one memorable weekend.

So why do we do it? Basically, we want to provide a memorable, high-quality experience for everyone involved – for the crews on the water, for the families, for spectators, for the town hosting the event, for our club and for the many sponsors that help make the event possible.

We want to break new ground, provide a “Yes!” experience for everyone, live up to (and exceed) our obligations as hosts and organisers, and honour the rich heritage of a sailing club with strong traditions of excellence.