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Rating protests

Our rules is, that we accept non-endorsed IRC, but NoR does not say anything about one-class crew limitations.

The SI has not been published yet, but we can not introduce changes to IRC-rules which has not been mentioned in NoR (fx. 22.4.2 and 22.4.4)

Under these conditions for the race my consideration is, that the Farr-40 (or other) class-rule statements on crewweight is not part of the ruleset for a IRC based race.

The classrules are not mentioned in the NoR rules list, only IRC. So class rules don’t apply, except that the IRC-certificate could be based on a one-design-class with IRC 13.7 consequences.

Therefore, only IRC rules about crew weight applies.

-    IRC rule 22.4.1 states that there is no limitations on number of crew and weight.

o        The two exceptions in 22.4.1 is not fulfilled, It is not short-handed and endorsed compete equally with non-endorsed (Endorsed is not required in NoR).

-    IRC rule 22.4.2 states that boats with at IRC-certificate based upon one-design shall conform to class-rules limitations on crew weight/number.

o        The exception that NoR removes this requirement is not fulfilled.


Basicly the boat shall comply with the rules (RRS 78.1) and NoR states that we don’t control this in advance, because we assume end expect the boat to follow the rules.

If a competitor suspect that someone has broken a (class)rule the have to give in a protest, and this will evaluated the specific boat.

A IRC-boat not based upon a one-design and a IRC-boat based on a one-design without crew limitation, will not have crew limitations, and a protest will be rejected.