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Sejladsbestemmelser - NOR

Notice of Race (pdf)  

The organizing authority, Kerteminde Sejlklub, Denmark
invites owners of eligible yachts to enter the
Big Boat Challenge Regatta
Kerteminde , Denmark
26th – 27th May 2012
1.1 The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing,
current edition (RRS). The applying prescriptions of the Scandinavian Sailing Association
and the Danish Sailing Association will be incorporated into the sailing instructions.
1.2 DH-2011 (Danish Handicap) rating rules shall apply for boat using DH, and IRC-2012
section A, B and C shall apply for boats using IRC rating.
1.3 The Rules are changed as follows:
- RRS 30.2 and 30.3 will be changed by a prescription of the Scandinavian Sailing
Association. The base of the triangle in these rules includes the extensions
of the starting line to the starting vessel and to a control vessel in the opposite
- RRS 44.1 are changed so that only one turn is required.
- RRS 35, A4 and A5 will be changed to state, that boats failing to finish within
30 minutes after the first boat in same start sails the course and finishes will
be scored Did Not Finish.
- RRS 60.1(a) will be changed to state, that a competitor can not protest another
boat or competitor for breaches for some specific parts of the sailing instructions.
- RRS 61.3 and 62.2 will be changed to fix the protest time to 90 minutes for
competitors, protest committee as well as race committee.
- RRS 62.1(a) will be changed by stating, that a deviation from planned sailing
time shall not be reason for redress.
- RRS A4 will be changed by stating, that at boat starting later than 4 minutes
after her starting signal will be scored Did Not Start.
- IRC 22.4 shall not apply. There will be no limitations on crew number or
The changes will appear in full in the sailing instructions.
1.4 Advertising
ISAF Regulation 20 - Advertising Code will apply.
On the race committees request all boats will be required to display one or more of
the following:
- Bow numbers.
- Event and sponsor stickers on both sides of the bow (within 20%).
- Event and sponsor stickers on both sides of the boom.
- Event and sponsor flag permanently hoisted on the backstay.
- Race and circuit flag permanently hoisted on the backstay.
1.5 All boats shall carry an operating VHF radio.
1.6 The Danish Big Boat Series prescriptions will apply for boats who has confirmed they
will participate in the Danish Big Boat Serie.
2.1 This is an invitational regatta for bigboats with valid DH or IRC rating certificate. Both
endorsed and non-endorsed IRC certificate will be accepted and compete in same
race and result calculated equally. Any eligibel yacht can request an entry with required
informations. The race committee will review interested yachts and will also
issue unsolited invitations within the regattas capacity and on the basis of the yacht
and its rating, its geographic location, its results so far, the crew, other entries and
order of response. The goal is to end up with a harmonic fleet of entries consisting of
big boats with a high racing potential and a fair close race among boats that are
2.2 The accepted boat entries will be divided into two classes by the race committee
based upon the boats physical characteristic.
Each class will be separated into two fleets depending on the rating system (DH or
IRC) as chosen by the boat.
An accepted boat entry can also be an entry in the Danish Big Boat Series if confirmed
by the boat and will in that series compete in the same class and fleet in all
regattas in the series, unless the boat retires from the series by its own choice.
The results from BBC-2012 will be forwarded to other sailing series including the
Danish Big Boat Series, but entry to BBC-2012 is not restricted by results and/or
entry in these other sailing events.
Each regatta in the series requires individual accepted entry.
2.3 If a competitor is hindered (illness, traveling delay, physical damage a.s.o) before
finishing the regatta, a substitute can take over if accepted by the racing committee
after a written application.
2.4 Accept of invitation is lodging an entry whereby the entrant agrees to be bound by
the rules, procedures and conditions of the event.
2.5 The fleet and races will be published in the competitor list handed out at registration.
The boats will be arranges in fleets and races with common or separated start and
calculation of result based upon the chosen rating. At entry the competitor shall
chose either DH-TAUD or IRC-TCC as intended for the time being.
3 Fees
3.1 Entry fee: 280 Euro
4 Schedule
4.1 Registration in race office :
- Friday the 25th May at 16.00 – 20.00
- Saturday the 26th May at 07.00 – 09.00
Competitors will receive specification of documents to be presented at registration.
Regatta opening ceremony planned start:
- Friday the 26th May at 19.30
Prizegiving ceremony planned start:
- Sunday the 27th May – as soon as possible after last race.
4.2 Measuring:
- Measurements or requirements control can take place during the regatta at
the organizers initiative, or as result of a valid protest.
4.3 Dates of racing:
Saturday the 26th May, - 3 races is planned.
Sunday the 27th May, - 2 races is planned.
4.4 Warning signal for first race both days is planned to 09.55.
Warning signal for following races will be given as soon as reasonable after the finishing
of the last boat.
No warning signal will be given later than 14.00 on the last day of the regatta.
This timelimit can be changed by race committee until 18.00 the day before.
Each boat shall produce a valid class certificate or measurement certificate.
- All sail numbers shall be in accordance with the national number as stated in
the measurement certificate. Allowance for any exception shall be requested
and accepted at the race committee before the race.
- It shall be noted at registration by the owner and accepted by the race committee,
if the owner of the boat not is on-board during the races.
- The race committee cannot grant a dispensation from timely presentation of a
valid DH-2011 or IRC-2012 certificate, but can act according to RRS 78.
- Rating and certificate must be given to race committee no later than 16 hours
before planned warning signal of 1. st race. Rating cannot be changed thereafter
unless it is correction of a error or result of a protest. It is the competitor
responsibility that the boat is in the proper rating condition.
- The competitors final choice of rating rule (DH or IRC) shall be done no later
than 20 days before planned warning signal of race, and cannot be
changed without written request and written acceptance from the race committee.
If the boat is participating in the Danish Big boat Serie it must not
change rating rule during the serie.
- The valid rating certificate and / or rating will be the rating that is registrated
and public accessible in database at or
- Measurement protest will use Dansk Sejlunion (for DH) or RORC (for IRC) as
The sailing instructions will be available at registration.
7.1 Kerteminde Harbour will be the base for the regatta with free directed mooring at
quay from 7 days before the regatta to 7 days after the regatta.
7.2 Courses will be sailed on the waters east of Kerteminde Bay as marked on the frontpage
map with planned racing area.
The courses to be sailed will be a windward-leeward course (RRS appendix L add A)
with separate up-wind starting line, separate downwind finishing line, down-wind
gate and an offset mark after first up-wind mark. The planned sailing time for the
first boat will be 60 minutes.
Rule 44.1 are changed so that only one turn is required.
Arbitration hearing may be used if specified in sailing instructions.
10 SCORING regatta
10.1 The Low Point System of Appendix A will apply.
There will be a result calculated for each fleet in each class.
The result is calculated by use of the DH-2011 TAUD or IRC TCC.
10.2 When more than 4 races have been completed, a boat's series score will be the total
of her race scores excluding her worst score.
11 SCORING forwarded
The regatta scoring can be forwarded and published in the Danish Big Boat Series
and other series, if approved by the boat and the series.
Underwater breathing apparatus and plastic pools or their equivalent shall not be
used around the boats from 08.00 hrs. on the first racing day until the last boat finishes
the last race, except with and according to the terms of prior written permission
from the race committee.
A boat shall neither make radio transmissions while racing nor receive radio communications
with race-related information not public available to all boats. This restriction
also applies to mobile telephones, unless the communication is with the race
committee. VHF-channel used for race committee communication to competitors during
the race will be announced.
Prizes will be given to best scores for every 5 starting boats in each class and fleet.
Prizes will be given according to result as known at the ceremony.
Any further prizes given by race committee will be announced in sailing instructions.
Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. (See rule 4, Decision
to Race.) The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or
personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the
Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance with
a minimum cover of DKK 10.000.000 for persons and 2.000.000 for matriel damages
per event or the equivalent.
Insurancepolice copy shall be presented at registration and so shall a declaration of
ownership and use, if the owner not is onboard and responsible during the race.
For further information please contact race committee as stated at
or send a e-mail to

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