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Big Boat Challenge  


News with the latest first

  • BBC 2013 cancelled, but planning of BBC-2014 has started and is ongoing
  • BBC new schedule starting from 2013 planned to take pace in the third last whole weekend in june (the week before Kileler Woche starts) 
  • BBC will coordinate to Kieler Woche not only in timing
  • BBC-2012 actually ended as a DH-rated regatta and not as a international rated IRC as intended. The comming year we will intensivate the effort for actual offering racing after a general accepted international rating system coordinated with Dansk Sejlunion, probally ORC or ORCi
  • Will not be part of or coordinated planning with Danish Big Boat series, but results can be used by DBBS and other series as it is done by Baltic-Circuit


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Big Boat Challenge