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Competitorlist, class and results:

BBC 2011 results



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DH rating

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IRC rating

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After sailing:

Respit Model by X2box Henrik Jørgen and Quantum.

To be used before and during the race for calculations of timedifferences due to rting, or afterwards during the winter for calculation of consequences of change in Rating without change in sailing time.

Sailwave resultatberegning. ZIP-fil for download and save on local windows computer. Contains sailwave files fram BBC and instructions for use of the excellent program Sailwave result calculationprogram with DH (wind dependent rating and IRC in the same event. This is to be used for calculations of consequences of at rating shift (from DH to IRC or vice-versa) for boat having a rating i both systems. Can also be used for rultsimulation after ratingchanges without change of actual sailingtime.

Both of these is for the moment only in danish. Please use google translate to have it in your own natinal language. It may help, but is not perfect.