Premium Sponsors 2012

Entry List

Manage participant information.

List of participants with update option.
The list can be sorted ascending on a column (boat type, the measuring rule, etc) by clicking on the small exit symbol in the header. By default it is sorted on the column in sequence from left.

Participants are divided into two classes, one and two

  • BBC Class 1 - consists largely of DH-boat with rating TAUDM below app 670-680
  • BBC Class 2 - consist largely of DH-boats with TAUDM rating above app 670-680

So there will be four prize rewarding race.

If boat navn or owner's name is highlighted in the statement will contain a link to the boat's website (often link boat navn) or a photo of the boat (often link the proud owner's name). Click the name to see these sites and photo

Participants will receive an email ( fee must be paied ) with their code to the menu. The code allows the flexibility to maintain and supplement their own data. Send an email to if there are issues that desire for help or need for modification of information is closed to self-service.